Monday, 22 May 2017

Legends of the Old West game

We've been messing around with these rules at the club over recent weeks. We started out using the rules as written but soon started with the amendments!

This was our last game. 

We had 4 factions of 4 figures each, Lawmen, vigilantes, townsfolk  and Outlaws. The vigilantes and townsfolk are neutral until they show their hand by shooting at someone although its likely the vigilantes will side with the law. Each faction has a coloured disc for each figure of the faction colour and these all go into a bag to be drawn at random. The player decides in which order to activate his figures when one of his tokens is played. 

We give each figure two actions which he uses straight away in most cases. Exceptions include-
Overwatch- player can do nothing but wait until he wants to react to something-only one action. 
Reserve- use one action then keep an action back to react.
Reaction-player reacts to another players move-only one action.Token is taken from bag when activated.

Horses- If gunfire is used within 6 inches of a horse then a d6 is rolled with a direction dice and on a 5 or 6 the horse  will move 1d6 in the direction of the direction dice.

The table

This figure has used 1 actio, had he used 2 he would be placed on the counter. One action is being saved here.

The other end of town.

Figure on the base has used 2 actions

This figure has kept an action back to enable him to respond to enemy moves.

This figure has fanned and must spend a turn reloading.

Dixon Miniatures stage painted by Chris Johnson.

First casualty, one of the outlaws.

Another ready for his coffin! Here the horses were spooked and moved 1 inch!

Another outlaw bites the dust. It's not looking good for the bad guys.

Two lawmen closing in on an outlaw hiding around the corner (bottom left)

Another moving in for the kill.

Lawman gets it!

And another occupying his coffin.

The tide continues to turn.

This evens things up a bit.

One faction failed its head for the hills test (the one on the left is heading for the livery stable)

The outlaw needs to reload his shotgun.

Shot while legging it.


The undertaker is going to be mighty busy today!

Another failed head for the hills test, this time the lawmen faction. That's 1-1

Bodies litter the town.

More fisticuffs, the outlaw on the left jumps back.

The final casualty is a vigilante which left the outlaws pretty much in control of the town.

We find that our amendments give a much better game. Some of the stats like grit and wounds for example, have been reduced to make it easier to die or run away! Most only need one hit, figures with green dice next to them have taken a hit but need more hits to kill. We usually have one such character per faction. The two actions rule has also made a huge difference along with the drawing out of counters to activate. 

These changes, of course, completely change the nature of the game so it is essentially a different game altogether. We think its better as our previous games with the rules as written invariably ended up with hand to hand combats with people being pistol whipped to death!

Thanks for looking in. I will be doing many more of these game reports from now on to give some welcome relief to all the building stuff! Not all games will feature our models but this one does, so if you like the look of them you can find the Old West range here.-


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