Wednesday, 31 January 2018

New 15mm acw buildings

These are the first 4 buildings for the 15mm ACW range of prepainted building kits. Some of these will be suitable for Old West and all will work for the AWI.

Quite a few tweeks were required when downscaling from 28mm and a couple are still required but thes should be available on the website in the next few days.



Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Club day today

Our club tries to do a couple of all day game sessions on Saturdays each month in addition to our regular Wednesday evening meetings. 

I did a WW2 game using Panzer Grenadier 2 with the germans trying to capture the town from the British

The Panthers were sent down a tight road with some infantry to their front.

A quick jump to the Pike and Shot game on the next table.

I think these figures are quite old but they look terriffic on the table.

Back to WW2. The Germans bottom left advanced down the road only to be ambushed by the British behind the fence in the corn field forcing them to head for cover.

The Panthers continue to head for the centre of the village.

The British 6lbr having taken a pot shot at a Panther is hit by return fire from German mortars forcing the crew and bren carrier to abandon the position.

The Sherman is knocked out by the lead Panther.

Things rapidly go downhill for the Germans as a hidden 17lbr destroys the first Panther.
British infantry, meanwhile, have crept up to the hedge line and fired 2 Piat A/T weapons at point blank range and destroys 2 more Panthers.

To the right of all of this carnage German infantry have occupied the building just visible behind the trees.

Next turn the Piat crew crept between the destroyed tans to take out the final Panther. As the Germans had lost all of their armour and only held half of the village a British victory was declared. On reading the historical background to this scenario it turns out that this is pretty much what happened in real life, the Panthers being taken out one by one in the narrow lane and the infantry on the other road being held up by the British troops behind the hedge.

The sceario was taken from PG3.

Some pictures of the closing stages of the P&S GAME.

A good day was had by the 9 members who participated in these two games.



Saturday, 27 January 2018

Yellow ACW building

Yellow clapboard house with veranda.

This is the final version of this kit. I managed to miss the chimneys off the first version and in order to include shutters i made some window narrower. I have tweeked 2 roof pices so this kit will be on the website by Monday.