Monday, 6 July 2020

New releases July

First up are a couple of additions to our Spanish range of 28mm buildings. 

Every town or village would have a forge so we have added this to our range.

It comes with a stone forge, table and chair, anvil and water trough.

These are Front Rank figures for scale.

As with all of our buildings the roof comes off for access to the interior.

2 storey building with wooden porch and lean-to. The roofs come off and the inner floor is removable.

Front Rank figures again.

Available prepainted or unpainted here-Spanish/Italian 28mm

This is the first of our Gangster and Pulp range of 28mm buildings again painted or unpainted.

This is a Fire station based on a picture supplied by a US customer of a Chicago Firehouse.

The roof and inner floor are removable.

Dimensions are-
w 140mm x d 220mm x h 160

This model is available in Red, Sandstone or Unpainted here-

I expect to have the first of the town blocks ready this week with additional floors ad options. Once this is finished i will do variations with various windows and shops at  ground level and other items for your street scenes.

Finally we are re-releasing our desert for after it has been OOP for some time.

This can be found here-28mm Forts and Castles