Thursday, 16 January 2020

More January new releases

These 10mm ruins are supplied unpainted and are available in pairs. The walls consist of card outer pieces and card inner wall which have the windows and doors included. The doors are hinged so can be open or closed

These have been added to the first batch of ten and can be found here

Next up is a new category for the scratchbuilder

Internal staircase with first floor rails.

Plank doors

A set of door frames

Old west style windows with frames in either MDF or mountboard.

In various sizes.

Arched doors set in rectangular frame.

Plank doors with metal strip strengtheners.

Spanish tile sheets 

Clay tile sheets

Coming to the website soon.

First effort at painting 28mm Tanks

Well the truth is i have built and painted plenty of 20mm tanks over the years, albeit not for a long time, and a few 15mm ones too. I have never put too much effort into weathering them but jumping up a scale meant i wanted to put a bit more effort into them. 

I was looking for a dirty appearance which suggests the tanks had actually been used in anger rather than a clean newly painted look. I mean, how long would that have lasted anyway?

Next step was to learn some techniques to get the required look i was after. Enter Youtube. Now this is,as most probably know, a great resource for picking up tips from people who actually know what they are doing and are eager to pass on their knowledge.

These are from the Bolt Action German Army ,Tanks, starter set which contains 3 Tigers and 3 Panthers. The British set has just arrived and will be tackled after the 3 Tigers.

For a first effort i'm quite pleased with the way they have turned out. I will be trying some additional techniques on the Tigers.

Panther 121

Too much wear on the front hatches on this one.

Panther 122

A nice scruffy rear end!

The top of the turret could do with more scratches as it would be heavily used by the crew climbing into the vehicle.

Panther 123

It's easy to do missing side armour plates on these models.

The wear on the hatches on this one is much better.

Shown against some of our 28mm buildings for scale.

An American soldier (1st Corps miniatures i think) sticks his head out for a look.

Next up the 3 Tigers.

Saturday, 4 January 2020

28mm Tombstone set

Now i have finished the Harwood house to complete the OK Corral street scene for the famous gunfight. I have also added some 6" boardwalk sections and some tall plank fencing which joined the back of these buildings with the back of the OK Corral itself. There is also an OK Corral sign that stood beside the Papago cash store.

All of these will be available as a Tombstone set which will also include the famous Birdcage Theatre.

The boardwalks and sign are supplied unpainted.

The fences come in only 3 parts, the base, fence and fence posts.

The Tombstone set in full, 5 buildings, signboard, 3 fences and 10 lengths of boardwalks

The Harwood house. This is the prepainted version with additional drybrushing applied.

37.5cm high fences available in packs of 5. 

Boardwalk sections pack of 10 including 4 corner sections.

These can be found in our webstore here- 28mm ACW/Old West