Monday, 24 February 2020

15mm Terraced houses

We are adding a couple of rows of terraced houses to our 15mm Normandy/European ranege.
These will be available in different colours and also unpainted. Sold as kits with colour instructions.

Shown wil optional doorframes provided with each kit.

Doors are hinged so that they can be modelled as required.

The models also feature removeable roofs and inner floors. 
These will be added to the website here

Thursday, 20 February 2020

New Scratchbuilders yard

This is a new resource for those who prefer to make their own models. Of course windows, arches, railings etc can present problems. We will be adding to this category as fast as we can so keep checking back or just drop us an email for requests!

A sample of what we will be doing in 2mm MDF and Mountboard.

These can be found here-Scratchbuilders yard

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Old West dark versions, kits or ready made.

I finally got around to building a couple of these using the dark brown optional wall colour.
This is the model built virtually straight out of the bag except i gave the sign a bit of a wipe to take excess burning off.

Grand Hotel

Doctors house.

This is a commission version of our Spanish villa. The model was built straight out of the bag and a base added. The walls were then plastered and stippled.

A mid stone colour was applied on top of the precoloured plaster. Patches of Citadel Devlin mud were then randomly applied followed by a sandstone highlight.This was also done to the groundwork. Grassy areas were created using green scatter with static grass randomly applied particularly up corners and wall bases.

The cart is a simple MDF kit with modelling clay to provide the cargo.Grain bags are fashioned from putty also.

Available on our website here

Sunday, 2 February 2020

15mm ACW/Old West kits new releases

Three new realeases in15mm for our ACW and Old West range. These are available either painted or unpainted as kits or ready made.

Livery stable or barn

The roof comes off

and the inner floor comes out.

Next up is a Church which comes with alternative signs for a School and Courthouse.

Finally a town block with a bank and 2 other shops

The roof comes off and the 1st floor is removeable to enable figures to be placed inside.

These models can be found here

Next week more for the scratchbuilders yard.