Tuesday, 26 March 2019

New releases 23rd March

A downscaled version of our 28mm Essling granary. This version is a 20mm version.

20mm Essling granary

Supplied prepainted and comes with lift off roofs and removeable roofs. This is available on our website Here

Next up is an addition to our 28mm Normandy/Northwest Europe range. This model is based on a drawing of a house in Vitre, Normandy. Its full of charecter and also comes prepainted with with lift off roof sections and a removeable floor.

This can be found here

A nice bungalow from Essling-

And the 28mm version of the granary, both available here

Next will be a load of 15mm buildings including a city builder set and some new smashed up ruined buildings. Oh and more 28mm Roman stuff.


Friday, 1 March 2019

More new budget kits

Starting off with another timber frame kit in 28mm
It's a good idea to paint the walls before adding the timber!

Next up are a couple of stanard houses suitable for Northern Europe.

A picture of these together with last weeks releases. As with all of our models the roofs come off and floors come out giving access to all floors

More next week.