Sunday 25 June 2023

New releases June 2023

First up is our 28mm Russ fortifications.

2 towers with main gate and wall sections either side. Front view,

Add more wall sections to lengthen walls.

View from the rear. The Osprey on the subject does not show evidence of doors on the wall and towers.

These will be listed in our Dark Ages range-28mm Dark Ages

Next up 20mm ACW/Old West

Hotel. I haven't picked a name for it yet so the sign board is not shown. You will be able to draw or paint in your own name for this on the reverse of the supplied sigh anyway.

The roof and inner floors are removeable.

I will be setting up the 20mm section this week and it can be found here-20mm
Pictures of the other models will apper here shortly.


Wednesday 22 March 2023

New Releases Prepainted Normandy 20mm and 28mm Barracks. 28mm Mob City

We have added a second set of 5 buildings to our 20mm Normandy range. These are cheaper than buying individually and are a great cost effective way of increasing your Normandy town.


House E





Also new is a Police station for our 28mm Mob City range for Gangester and Pulp games.

Pre painted version.

28mm Cable reels to add some charecter to your table top. Great for rail yards or industrial areas.

Finally we have a prepainted barrack block for airfields, POW camps and army camps. This was made for a club member doing an SAS airfield raid game.

Shown with 28mm Warlord 28mm 8th Army figures.

Sunday 19 March 2023

Always Above WW1 Air war rules and accesories.

Always Above WW1 Air combat rules 


John Blenkey

A  highly entertaining set of rules which can be used with any model aircraft approximately 1/144 scale.
The author had the opportunity to interview several pilots from WW1 in the 1980s and these conversations helped fram these rules. The result is a set of fun rules with the feel of realism too.

Major Edward Mannock VC, of 74 Squadron RFC, flew by a set of self imposed rules one of them being, “always above, seldom level, never below.” Rules remembered by the new members of the squadron and which often saved their lives. These rules will encourage the gamer to follow this sage advice. The rules were play tested using a popular card driven mechanism however the author has created his own version using MDF tiles and these rules are included in this version along with aircraft stats.

Tiles, measuring sticks and control panel are available separately.

High quality soft cover rule book with a selection of original photos from the authors collection. Flying and combat rules with lists for many of the aircraft from both sides.

Full set of flying tiles for aircraft of different capabilities.

Card holder with ammo slots and modifiers.


And here is a review of the rules from Dougies Wargaming Blog-

The rules and equipment are available here-


Monday 17 October 2022

New releases for October

We have several new releases this month.

We have added a second budget set to our 20mm range and this set consists of kits CB, D, DB, E and EB.

20mm SHQ tank shown or scale.

This set can be found here-

Next we have some additions to our Mob City gangster or Pulp range-

First we have a police station with removeable roof and floor.

Next a news stand

Telephone box

and cable reel.

These can be found here-

28mm Anglo Saxon Burgh.

And the designers model which has 4 extra palisades, 2 down each side-

He has mounted it on a nice board with ditch.

Available as a full set or as individual sections to design your own Burgh. 

The buildings are from our existing Dark Ages range.

These can be found here-

That's all for the moment.



Friday 28 January 2022

28mm Dark Ages round forts MDF kits.

 First releases for 2022 are a couple of Dark Ages forts. These are available as complete forts, half forts or individual sections to build your own settlements.

First up is the Double palisade fort common to Russ fortifications-

The Great Hall is available on our website in the Dark Ages section.

The single rampart version can be used for Russ but more commonly for the Anglo Saxons or Vikings.

These can be found here.