Saturday, 20 July 2019

Ready made models and new kits.

First up are 3 15mm ruined terrace house blocks.

Sold as unpainted or prepaintet kits. These ones have had plaster added and the inner walls painted. A rubble has been added and the whole model drybrushed.

These can be found on our website here-15mm Normandy

Some ready made models From the 28mm Normany, Spanish and Roman ranges.

Model A

Model B

Model C

Model D

Model E

Model F

Model G

Model H

Model I

Model J

Model K

Model L

Model M from our Roman range

Model N

If you are interested in buying any of these ready made buildings get in touch via the comments section with you country and i will provide a quote including shipping.

Finally the 15mm ruins again as they are built straight out of the bag. Note the guidelines on the inner walls for painting.

These can be found in our 15mm range here

Finally a new 28mm European/Normandy building. I just fancied something a bit different so this one has a porch and a leanto shed.

This can be found on the website here,

Next week the Papago cash store and an Old West bank, both in 28mm



Saturday, 15 June 2019

Always Above WW1 Air warfare rules.

We have been playtesting these combat rules for some time now and they are at the point where they give a very good feel to WW1 air combat.

We simply bolt them on to Wings of War flying system and use those models also. They will work well with other sets of flying rules also.

These games are based on Allied attempts to shoot down the highly important observation balloons used extensively on the Western front.

These were well protected by aircraft and ground batteries.

If bases overlap when aircraft are on the same level there is a risk of collision. 2 ten sided dice are thrown and if the scores match the planes collide and roll for damage.

If a collision occurs the players roll again and refer to the collision damage table.

No serious damage and the patrol continues.

The Allied plane armed with Le Prieur rockets.

2 aircraft fire at each other without effect.

A clear run to the balloon it seems.

but the second German aircraft lines up a shot.

The Nieuport streams smoke after an engine hit.

And dives into the ground resulting in a failed mission.

The second mission gets underway with players swapping sides.

The Germans head out on patrol with the Nieuport coming into view between the clouds.

A bit too close for comfort by the escort!

Both planes are quickly intercepted.

Both French aircraft are shot down and another mission failure.
Both of these games were fairly brief!

For the third game we added an extra aircraft to each side.

A combat quickly develops as one of the escorts is intercepted.

This rookie is quickly dispatched by his more experienced opponent.

The Le Prieur rocket armed Nieuport is targeted next.

The German, preoccupied with avoiding collision is unable to fire.

The Nieuport must now evade another enemy plane.

The Germans are concentrating on the dangerous Nieuport with its rockets.

The other German hunts down the last escort.

The Nieuport lines up the balloon.

No doubt the observer in the balloon has jumped by this point.

A 10 is a hit and the rockets are loosed off.

The balloon is destroyed...

The escort now has 2 Germans hunting him down.

while the 3rd German pilot enacts revenge on the Nieuport

Closing on each other the 2 fighters engage.

The German fighter is struck

While the Nieuport had little time to celebrate his victory.

Out of ammo the German runs for home.

A successful but costly mission but shooting down balloons was a risky business.

The rules can be purchased here-