Friday, 28 January 2022

28mm Dark Ages round forts MDF kits.

 First releases for 2022 are a couple of Dark Ages forts. These are available as complete forts, half forts or individual sections to build your own settlements.

First up is the Double palisade fort common to Russ fortifications-

The Great Hall is available on our website in the Dark Ages section.

The single rampart version can be used for Russ but more commonly for the Anglo Saxons or Vikings.

These can be found here.



Wednesday, 24 November 2021

28mm Anglo Saxon Thegns hall


The first release of a set of buildings in our 28mm Dark Ages range is the Thegns  compound.

The set will be available as an unpainted kit. 

The model shown was painted by the designer, Mick Nichol. Figures shown are 28mm  of various manufacture.

The set consists of the following-
Watch tower
Thegns hall
Married retainers hovel
Small chapel
2 x Gates, 8 straight fences and 4 corners

Shown with roofs removed

Rear view,

This set is available HERE

The buildings will also be available individually.

Next up in this range is a Russ fort.

Friday, 22 October 2021

28mm October releases

First up is a 28mm train halt for our Old West range. The main roof comes off. This is an unpainted kit.

Here we have 3 of the more distinctive Viking or Norse style buildings.
This one is a store room or basic house.

Another small house or storeroom. 

A larger house with a log store to the outside wall.

The first of our Russ buildings is the Great Hall. This is a large building with a raised living area with tables, benches and kings chair with large fire.

An Anglo Saxon version with thatch roof will be available soon.

The raised living platform

A basic 28mm  Anglo Saxon house.

A more higher status house with a porch.

This building will be added to our Chicago Gangster era Mob City range but can be used in many settings.

Shown with stairs in place for additional floors.

Shown with additional floors. You can add as many of these as you like.

Additional floors set.

These can be found here28mm


Campaign maps

This is the first of our campaign maps for wargamers. These maps will come as kits requiring some simple assembly using wood glue or other contact adhesive. They consist of the land area in 2mm MDF, blue sea base in 3mm MDF and a backing piece which will take map pins.

This map is based on Japanese provinces which a coulpe of clum members are using for a Gempei Wars campaign.

Each province on this map has a points value to assist with objectives and assembling field armies. We are also working on a set of rules to use this map as a board game. Once perfected these will be available as a free download.

We will also sell the pins in several colours to cover multiple factions.

Next up will be a series of maps for the Crusades.


Thursday, 16 September 2021

Sharp Practice French and Indian wars.

It's a while since we played SP and my first time with this period so looking forward to giving it a run out again.

The British commanded by John were defending the buildings with a small contingent of Indian allies.

I commanded the French, well somebody had to. This is their Indian contingent.

The French marine contingent.

The British sent out the indians to protect the redcoats from an expected attack by the French skirmishes and indian contingent.

Fatigue on the British allies from the skirmishers.

A casualty and more fatigue after combined fire from the marines and indians.

Following the British allies retreat the redcoats return fire on the indians on the hill.

Can't remember what these lads were but they proved effective against the British skirmishers from behind cover.

French irregulars advance towards the British

and pay the price with 2 casualties

The British skirmishers continue under accurate fire and are forced back.

The French indian leader is knocked over once again, it will take him 3 moves to recover.

The British skirmishers have left the table and their indian
contingent have been sent out to plug the gap.

They were quickly forced back and would leg it off the table also.

The French are closing in on all sides

but the British regulars put up a stubborn defence.

French marines close in and fire at a section of the Britsh

They break

Only one unit left and they decide to live and fight another day!

Excellent game put on by club treasurer John Sabbiston.