Wednesday, 18 March 2020

General d'Armee French v Prussians

Due to illness we had to organise a game at short notice for one of the club game slots last Saturday. Following a rallying cry from Dave i offered to bring up a bunch of Prussians and French to go with Daves contribution.

We are both fans of General d'Armee so we put together a simple table which alowed for a bit of space to manouvre and prepared to get stuck in.

Starting positions

Left flank

Right flank

French heavy brigade

Daves superb Napoleon command base.

and one of his Grenadier battalions.

French Dragoon brigade

Prussian cavalry supported by Russian hussars

Prussians advance

both centres advance towards the crossroads.

The cavalry combats on either flank flowed back and forth for most of the game.

Russian hussars battle with French Dragoons

Reserve infantry support the advance of the line regiment.

Fusiliers line the hedge.

Volunteer Jaeger screen Silesian Landwehr

Prussian Garde du Corps

This set to proved highly entertaining all game.

This one wasn't far behind and my newly painted Prussian Garde du Corps had a pretty decent first outing. They will soon be joined by the Guard Light cavalry regiment and 2 squadrons of Volunteer Jaeger dressed as Cossacks! Can't wait....

Prussian Jaeger harrass a 12lbr battery.

The clash at the crossroads.

A juicy target for a supporting battery of Prussian 6lbrs

I desperately wanted to win the initiative on this turn to avoid being ridden down by carabiniers.
Fortunately i did and charged in support of the line battalion.

The Fusiliers have been thrown back but the Prussian guns are about to deploy just in time.

The charge goes in.

French Cuirassiers are routed.

The battle continues on the left.

These lads didn't fancy taking on the 12lbrs until the Jaegers had worn them down a bit. Dave kept throwing low which helped things along a bit, i think his efforts alone added 3 casualties overthe following 4 moves!!!

Things look good for the Prussians here but can change rapidly in this fluid encounter.

A view from behind the 12lbrs

After defeating the French the Prussians were left unformed with enemies all around them

French Dragoons charge.

The guns deploy in time to destroy the French column with the help of the Landwehr

The battle for the crossroads  continues.

The Prussian Dragoons retreat off the table.

Having removed their assault order this brigade of Prussians prepares to attack the French centre.

Now in square the Landwehr slowly withdraw.

Oh the right a French column and artillery attack the prussian line just out of picture.

This left them routed leaving the Landwehr completely exposed.

The Russian lancers give the Gard du Corps a break and prepare to charge.

Both sides fail to gain the upper hand. The French could assalt the Prussian centre if only they could defeat their opponents.

The advance to the centre begins.

The Landwehr look doomed...

Finally the French Dragoons are thrown back to their own lines, securing the Prussian centre.

The Russians hit lucky here failing to charge home and withdrawing saving themselves from being charged in the rear by French Carabiniers next turn.

The French collumn having failed to charge the Landwehr are exposed to the Prussian guns.

We finished at this point. The game charecterised by some fortunate dice throws on both sides saving faltering brigades. Many units had high casualties and a French brigade had only one battalion left. Also i seemed to roll lots of 11 and 12s for artillery and musketry which i felt obliged to apologise for, it just seemed so unfair­čśĆ

With only 2 of us playing we were both involved from start to finish and this really added to the enjoyment factor which, at the end of the day is why we do this shit! Excellent days entertainment.