Friday, 22 October 2021

28mm October releases

First up is a 28mm train halt for our Old West range. The main roof comes off. This is an unpainted kit.

Here we have 3 of the more distinctive Viking or Norse style buildings.
This one is a store room or basic house.

Another small house or storeroom. 

A larger house with a log store to the outside wall.

The first of our Russ buildings is the Great Hall. This is a large building with a raised living area with tables, benches and kings chair with large fire.

An Anglo Saxon version with thatch roof will be available soon.

The raised living platform

A basic 28mm  Anglo Saxon house.

A more higher status house with a porch.

This building will be added to our Chicago Gangster era Mob City range but can be used in many settings.

Shown with stairs in place for additional floors.

Shown with additional floors. You can add as many of these as you like.

Additional floors set.

These can be found here28mm


Campaign maps

This is the first of our campaign maps for wargamers. These maps will come as kits requiring some simple assembly using wood glue or other contact adhesive. They consist of the land area in 2mm MDF, blue sea base in 3mm MDF and a backing piece which will take map pins.

This map is based on Japanese provinces which a coulpe of clum members are using for a Gempei Wars campaign.

Each province on this map has a points value to assist with objectives and assembling field armies. We are also working on a set of rules to use this map as a board game. Once perfected these will be available as a free download.

We will also sell the pins in several colours to cover multiple factions.

Next up will be a series of maps for the Crusades.