Sunday, 9 August 2020

New releases August

  28mm Caravansary

Starting off with something different we have a couple of 28mm Caravansary. These were like Ancient motels providing a safe haven for travellers and their animals all the way from Eastern Europe to China and proliferated along the Silk Road. They have been common from Ancient times to the modern era.

                                                                  Large version

Small version. 
These are, as can be seen, nodular so can be enlarged with additional sections if required.

Figure are 28mm of various manufacture.

Research and design by Mick Nichol of the Border Reivers Wargames Society,

Available Here

Single span stone bridge

Stone bridge available with the option of a plank roadway
or a tarmac road.

Double span bridge.

Smaller ruined church with interior detail.

pews, pulpit and font.

Bridge and church available here.

Warlord Games Resin Spanish infantry now in stock

Available here.

More coming soon.