Sunday, 19 August 2018

28mm Normandy Shop and Warehouse

These models have previously been available only as part of a set but are now available as separate kits. As usual they are made from prepainted/coloured parts When completed the appear as shown here.

Pair of shops  size 20 x 9 x 29cm

Roof and 2 internal floors are removeable for access to the inside.

Warehouse building with removeable floors and roof.

Dimensions are 15 x 9 x 20cm



Friday, 17 August 2018


The second model in our Roman range is a small shop/house. Supplied in kit form the model comes with prepainted/coloured parts made from 2 & 4mm MDF, mountboard and plasticard.

W13.5 x H12.5 x  D12cm

The roof comes off and the 1st floor is removeable for access to the ground floor.

A lrger shop and hose will be next on the release list.



Thursday, 9 August 2018

28mm Roman farm

A little bit of a teaser for the forthcoming Roman range is this farm building. Large areas of Roman towns were given over to aggriculture such as market gardens, orchards and vineyards. Approximately 10% of the excavated area of Pompeii, for example, was devoted to this. The model can be used as a terrain piece for large battles or equally as part of a town for skirmish gaming.

The model is supplied with prepainted parts for visible areas and cardstock for window frames. Roof parts are also coloured so once constructed the mode can go straight onto the table.

The front of the model measures 20cm, the depth  is 20cm and the height is 15cm.

All 3 roof sections come off so that figures can be placed inside.

This model is available on the website here-28mm Roman

Many more ob the drawing board-literally.