Tuesday, 30 March 2021

28mm Japanese Yakata unpainted kit

This model is based on the picture in the Osprey book, Japanese castles 250-1540 AD by Stephen Turnbull, of a high ranking Samurai fortified Yakata of around 1250AD. 

This model has been painted by the designer Mick Nichol for use in Test of Honour games.




Rice store.



Samurai House.

All of these, and fences, are available separately or as a complete set. The complete unpainted set includes the following-

Samurai house(Yakata),
Rice store,
Inner wall with gate, 
7 tall fences 24cm, 
3 tall half fences 12cm, 
4 tall corners, 
2 tall fences with low ‘T’,
 1 low corner, 
2 low fences 24cm, 
1 well.

These model kits can be found here-28mm Japanese kits


28mm Japanese range- Uji Bridge unpainted kit.

This is the famous bridge over the Uji River which featured in 3 battles during the 12th and 13the centuries. Sold as an unpainted bridge i would be a great centrepiece for a skirmish game or larger          battle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Available with or without wood grain etching. Plank etching comes with both versions.

Colour construction notes included. This kit can be found on our website here-28mm Japanese kits

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

1/600 Ancient Galley- unpainted kits.

Our first Naval range consists of 4 types of Galley. Each sprue contains parts for different navies of the period with open and closed decks and stern and bow decorations.

We also do a fleet deal.

All of these can be found here



New 28mm Normandy buildings

Two new additions to our 28mm Normandy range of unpainted or prepainted kits. These are both with front porches, one to the left front and the other to the left.

These can be found here




Monday, 1 March 2021

15mm European and Timber frame range

Two new additions to our European and Timber frame range which can also be used with our Normandy range. Several more to come as i gradually extend these ranges.

Large timber house.

Half timbered house.

These can be found here