Monday, 14 January 2019

Latest releases 28mm and 10mm SciFy

The Birdcage theatre.

First up is the Birdcage theatre from the rowdy town of Tombstone, Arizona. The model kit is supplied with painted parts for all visible areas and plain natural wood interiour..

28mm figures from various manufacturers.

The 'cribs' which line both walls are represented and it's these that some think gave the building it's name.


The building had unusually large doors and these are represented here. The stonework pattern is just one of several shown in pictures from different eras. 

Available here-Old West/ACW.

New 10mm SciFy range, first release.

Next up is a 10mm Futuristic building for SciFy games. Models in this range will be supplied unpainted. 
We will be using these for Dropzone Commander games.

Dropzone Commander models shown for scale. The model splits into 3 sections.

Slightly different version painted using an Airbrush.

Probably will paint in some windows to finish this off.

Available here-10mm SciFy

These models will be available as ready made commission orders on our website.

Spanish or Italian villa based on our popular kit. This model has been plastered and based and been given a full dry brush. The base has been textured and scatter material and static grass applied.

All of the roofs come off and floors can be removed.

28mm US figures shown. This model could be used for the Italian campaign.

28mm Napoleonic British figures.

Another from the Spanish/Italian range which has alson had the plaster treatment.

This time is the Coaching Inn.

28mm British Napoleonic British.

28mm WW2 US figures.

Commission models can be found here-Commissions

More to come next week.


Thursday, 3 January 2019

Gaming aids

Three new gaming aid that can be used for many rule sets.

Arc of fire template.

Wheel template

Oblique template

Set of all 3. All measurements are in inches.

Available on our website here-Bases and markers

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

new paint racks and warehouse

Something a bit different for the start of 2019 releases with this novelty artillery battery paint rack. These are supplied in easy to assemble kit form and hold up to 114 paints depending on the make.

This particular one has a Vallejo/Army Painter tray on the top accross the barrel with a Citadel round tray between the trail holding a total of 100 paints.

Loaded up with myo own paints previously in two separate racks.

A smaller version holding 94  pots.

A new 28mm factory for our Normandy and European range, Like the other models in the range these are supplied as prepainted kits.

The roofs come off to reveal the interior.

The factory with a row of workshop units available as a bundle.