Thursday, 27 September 2018

28mm Old West school/church

The latest addition to our Old West/AWI/ACW range is a model of a church/school. Sometimes the same building was used for both.

The model is supplied as a kit with prepainted parts.

L19.5cm x w12 x h18cm

The model comes with interior detail.

This model has been added to our website and is available here.

Nrxt up will be a couple of Gettysburg buildings.


Thursday, 20 September 2018

New Roman buildings- warehouses

Our latest Roman releases are 3 warehouses.  Two of these are the same but with different wood finishes. Suitale for other areas of towns and cities these can also be used for the more volatile dock areas. They are actually based on dock buildings from Londinium.

The models build up out of the bag as shown as parts are prepainted/coloured.

Doors on these buildings can be modelled opening in or out from the building.

Dark wood version

Light wood version

3 storey warehouse.

All have removeable roof/floors.

Available now on the website-



Friday, 7 September 2018


The 3rd release in our new Roman range is a large block of shops and houses.

Supplied with prepainted parts the model builds as shown straight out of the bag with the exception of the lower red which was painted on before construction.

Roof removed to reveal 1st floor.

First floor removed also.

Available now in our 28mm Roman section-28mm Roman



28mm Small wooden bridges and buildings.

Following on from the recent release of 2 models previously only available as part of a set of 5, we are releasing a further 2 from the same set. These are the only 2 in the range with 4 pitched roofs.

Supplied with prepainted parts as required. The only additional work done on these models is weathering.

Now available on the website here-Normandy range

Someone at the Border Reiver show asked if i could do him a simple wooden bridge for Sharp Practice games and this is what i came up with. I'll be adding a separate page for bridges to the website but at the moment they can be found in the Spanish or Roman 28mm pages- Spanish or Roman

Available in dark brown stain, gray or plain wood these have all been drybrushed after construction, makes all the difference!

Dark brown

plain wood


Next releases will be Old West, a couple of Gettysburg buildings all in 28mm and a 20mm corner house for Normandy.

Thats all for now.