Thursday 24 August 2017

15mm Spanish/Italian villa

Finally some Spanish and Italian buildings i have been planning to do for some time. Rather than start with basic houses i decided to kick off this range with a villa. Of course these can be used separately or if used as a villa they could be glued to a board and textured.

It will be supplied with iron gates.

15mm tank

Flames of War figures.

I will be adding more next week.



Thursday 10 August 2017


This model comes with a removable roof and 2 inner floors that both come out. 

Shown with the Chimney set low on the roof but this piece can be reversed so the chimney stacks can be positioned higher up.

Perry 28mm Generals Meade and Hancock having a chat.



Monday 7 August 2017

15mm 20mm and 28mm BRIDGES

The same bridge in three different scales. The centre upper inner section is removable so that vehicles can easily be placed inside. Apart from the white road markings these kits are prepainted in the colours shown.

Suitable for 20th century onward.

Centre section removed.

20mm SHQ tank

15mm Sherman tank

Now available on the website



28mm ACW/OLD WEST Large sandstone house

This large house could be used as a merchants house or some other well to do family. Walls are made from 4mm MDF, shutters and lintels mountboard and the rest 2mm MDF. 

More to come soon.


Plantation house 28mm

This is the first cut of a plantation house and comes with a wide balcony which can take figures mounted on 2p coins

I have done this one with a red interior so it could double as a Bordello!!!

I will be doing a few fixes and this will be going on the website in the next week or so.


Wednesday 2 August 2017

28mm Old West Marshall's office

Further to the previous post this kit will come with a horse trough and horse rail. Inside a desk, chair and gun rack.

The actual table supplied will be smaller, this one just looks too big.