Wednesday, 3 February 2021

1813 Prussian Army

This army represents the 10th Brigade of the 2nd Prussian Corps at Dresden 1813
C-in-C Pirch

Figures are nearly all Calpe with a couple of Front Rank units to fill gaps.

A Prussian Brigade was equivalent to a French Division.

Old Vorwarts included on the Division commanders base along with a dismounted ADC. Blucher is an old Foundry model.

Mathias cavalry Brigade- Neumark Dragoons and 1st Silesian Landwehr with a squadron of Mounted Volunteer Jaeger. The Leib Hussars were not part of this formation but i ordered the wrong unit for the Guard Light cavalry. Stuck in here for show.

Brigade Kessel, 4 Btns 9th Silesian Landwehr. Showing Brigade command base, casualty markers and Feldjager as a staff officer.

Brigade Jagow-2nd West Prussian Regiment with 6lbr battery. 
Also 4 companies of Volunteer Jaeger.

7th Reserve infantry regiment completes this large brigade.

Brigade Werder- 4 squadrons Garde du Corps. 4 squadrons Guard Light cavalry regiment-Hussars, Lancers, Cossacks and Dragoons. There were also 2 Volunteer Cossack squadrons usually divided between the 2 regiments. Guard horse artillery 6lbr battery to the left. 

I've considered doing Lutzows Free corps for some time. They would be ideal for Sharp Practice but the infantry also turned up at Waterloo as the 25th Infantry regiment.

I still need to paint 2 Infantry battalions and the horse artillery battery

Mounted Jaeger squadron to the rear.

Cavalry are Warlord resin but will be replaced by Calpe eventually.
2 squadrons of Hussars

2 Squadrons of lancers

Once the infantry are finished i can start on the Saxons!