Sunday, 24 February 2019

New 28mm Budget building kits.

Many gamers prefer to use most of their hobby budget on figures and paints rather than terrain. With this in mind i thought it was time to start a range of budget priced unpainted kits. First in this range are a couple of timber frame houses suitable for fantasy and historical games alike.

The first is a single 2 storey house. 3 of 4 of these would form a nice terrace.

80mm x 8o mm x 150mm

This model will be the largest of the timber frame models and features an elaborate design to the front of the building similar to those found accross Europe.

240mm x 120mm x 240mm

As you can probably guess it's a good idea to paint the walls your preferred colour before glueing the timber frame card to the model.

28mm Calpe Prussian infantry are shown for scale.

I will be adding several new kits to this range over the next couple of weeks.

Monday, 18 February 2019

February releases

Battle of Gettysburg 

Carrie Sheads house was used as a hospital during the battle and 72 soldiers were treated there. This 28mm kit comes with prepainted parts and when complete the roofs and inner floor are removeable. The model comes with full instructions.

28mm figures shown for scale.

Gunfight at the OK corral Tombstone range.

The famous gunfight took place at the side of the Flys Photographic Gallery and this model represents this building. It was also a boarding house ran by Mrs Fly. Its most famous resident was Doc Holliday. The photographic studio was located in the building at the rear. As with other models in this range it is supplied with pre painted parts.

Also new is a set of 8 sign boards for Old west buildings as shown below. These are supplied unpainted.

These 3 items can be found here-ACW/Old West range

A couple of  paint stations have been added to our paint racks range. Similar to other racks these include brush/tool holders on each side.

These can be found here-Paint racks



Friday, 1 February 2019

15mm Spanish/Italian villa commission and 28mm ACW commission.10mm ruins.

15mm Spanish/Italian villa commission.

I made this for a customer who saw the 28mm version and wanted a similar model in 15mm

It's the model kit plastered and painted. As can be seen the roof and walls have been weathered. The base has been left with a brown undercoat as the customer wants to texture it to match in with his other models.

The roofs come off and floors also come out. Original model from our 15mm Spanish/Italian range

28mm ACW commission models.

A customer in the US is building Gettysburg in 28mm and has asked for several buildings over the last couple of years. The latest request was for the Carrie Sheads house.

At time of the battle, it was also the home of Oakridge Seminary, a school for girls. Carrie Sheads was the school's principal, the house is often confused with the Female Seminary of Gettysburg, or other such schools in Gettysburg. During the battle it was used as a hospital and soldiers from both sides were cared for at the house.

This model is done in white brick as withe the house as it is today but i suspect at the time of the battle it may have been a natural brick colour.

This was a complicated model to do as the front and rear porches were different sizes and it took me awhile to work this out!!!! It will take soome tweaking before it can be released in kit form but once done it will be offered in white or red brick versions.

The model base will be textured by the customer.
 This was part of a batch of 10 models which included 3 versions, brick, stone and clapboard, of the Thompson house. This house was located on Seminary ridge and was Lee's headquarters. This model will be available next week .The other models in the photograph below can be found 28mm ACW/Old West

10mm ruins

I have added some creeping plant growth to some of our 10mm ruined models to represent an overgrown and abandoned city for our Dropzone Commander games.

These can be found 10mm city block ruins


15mm releases for February

First up is the ruined 15mm version of the Norman church. As usual these kits come with prepainted parts and when constructed the roofs can be removed.

This model can be found here-

Also released with new instructions are a couple of 15mm timber frame buildings suitable for 
Europe from the renaissance onwards.

A nic epiered building with removeable roofs.

A common style of 3 storey building.

The 3 models together.