Sunday, 22 December 2019

Battle of Corunna

Our last all day Saturday game before xmas was a large game involving a scenario for Corunna. We actually played 2 games on the same table stopping occasionally to allow the slower side to catch up.

New releases 22nd December

Some additions to our growing range of fences in the form of two versions of rail fences, 2 rails and 3 rails
Each section is 6 inches long and these are sold in packs of 10 giving a total of 5 feet of fences.
Triple rail fences

3 rails

Double rails with a gate section

2 rails with gate section. In packs with a gate included you get 9 fences and one gate.

Flock added

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Clumps of static grass added.

Triple rail painted and flocked

After painting brown a coat of uneven white is added.

Double rail painted and flocked

Double rail with a gate section

Sold unpainted. these can be found here

The first batch of 10 buildings for the new 10mm Normandy range.
The walls are constructed from 2 card sheets per side, the outer and the inner which has the windows and doors cut on them. These kits are made from plain card.

As with the 15, 20 and 28mm versions the roofs are removeable so that figures can be placed inside.

A and AM

A and AM, M denotes a mirror image version of the original.



BB  and BBM

BB and BBM



C and CM

C and CM



D and DM

DM and D



E and EM

E and EM



10mm Normandy range can be found here