Thursday, 16 September 2021

Sharp Practice French and Indian wars.

It's a while since we played SP and my first time with this period so looking forward to giving it a run out again.

The British commanded by John were defending the buildings with a small contingent of Indian allies.

I commanded the French, well somebody had to. This is their Indian contingent.

The French marine contingent.

The British sent out the indians to protect the redcoats from an expected attack by the French skirmishes and indian contingent.

Fatigue on the British allies from the skirmishers.

A casualty and more fatigue after combined fire from the marines and indians.

Following the British allies retreat the redcoats return fire on the indians on the hill.

Can't remember what these lads were but they proved effective against the British skirmishers from behind cover.

French irregulars advance towards the British

and pay the price with 2 casualties

The British skirmishers continue under accurate fire and are forced back.

The French indian leader is knocked over once again, it will take him 3 moves to recover.

The British skirmishers have left the table and their indian
contingent have been sent out to plug the gap.

They were quickly forced back and would leg it off the table also.

The French are closing in on all sides

but the British regulars put up a stubborn defence.

French marines close in and fire at a section of the Britsh

They break

Only one unit left and they decide to live and fight another day!

Excellent game put on by club treasurer John Sabbiston.


Monday, 13 September 2021

28mm church with side tower

This is a new addition to our European/Normandy range and will be available painted or unpainted. 

The roof is removable.

28mm Normandy range is here


28mm Range updates

With club gaming up and running again and space now for a table at the workshop i've decided to make some layouts and see  how i can add bits and pieces at the same time.

An influx of new members has led to renewed interest in Bolt Action so a Normandy board will be high on the list. I've added our latest set of ruins to some other buildings i has lying around as the starting point for this.

The ruins need rubble mix added and dry brushing along with some others, The ruined factory needs painting also.

This range can be found here

The latest  Spanish/Italian set will be the basis of my Sharp Practice/GdA/Black Powder board. These are more like the lower status dwellings which would predominate in any Spanish or Portuguese village or small town. Of course it will need a church, perhaps a Taverna and coaching inn. I'll also try and make some cobbled streets too.

28mm  Spanish buildings are here

A couple of club members are working on a set of hex based Old West rules and i have volunteered to make a town to try out the cowboys figures in our collections. Up to now its been cavalry v indians in play testing so it's time for a change.

I'm using mainly dark stained buildings with some lighter ones representing newer buildings.

Next one ready to be built is a dark version of the Grand hotel

I have drawings for a small station and may convert the bunkhouse from the High Chaparall set into a larger station. Either way  i will need some track and of course some street furniture. 

Old West 28mmrange can be found here.

Two more buildings added from ruined set C to the Normandy board. I have the other 3 to build along with a new church with a tower at the side.

More updates soon.



Sunday, 12 September 2021

28mm Old West detail sets

New detail sets now available for our Old West buildings

Set of 3 counters

Set of 4 beds

Shelf units, 2 per pack.

Pack of 8 hitching rails

Table and chairs ,pack of 4

Available here


28mm Dark versions- Old west set A

We now have the Dark version of this set available on the website.