Monday, 19 December 2016

28mm Amercian Civil War

In addition to the 5 models previously shown i have completed another ten models. I plan ten more before launching this range in January. I guess prices will range from £15 to £30 for these prepainted kits. Any suggestions for additions to this range would be welcome.

The figures are Perry and Renegade,

Thanks for looking.

Mick, Tracy and Carl.

28mm Normandy plus ruins

Some shots of a Normandy village using most of the buildings we currently make. The ruined versions in the foreground of the first picture will be available in pre painted kit form during the first week of January.

The following pictures show what you get in terms of removable floors/roof  for each model.The ruined versions have been drybrushed and show the difference this makes compared to the non dry brushed buildings.

The Normandy range can be found on our website

Thanks for looking.

Mick, Tracy and Carl.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Normandy buildings set D

These are 28mm and i have placed some figures of that scale next to some buildings to compare with the models.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Picketts Charge markers

Picketts Charge

I have made a set of markers for use in our games and have decided to make them available for customers as we found them to blend in better than the colour markers in the rule book.

You get all of the markers for both sides as per the sheet in the rules. I have added an extra 4 'Unformed' markers for each side as we found we needed more of these.

                  Price £10.00
                  £1.50 UK
                  £5.00 International

Available on our website-

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Black Powder status markers

Set of Black Powder status markers.

The set consists of-
20 x Double sided- Disorder 1/Disorder 2
10 x Retire/Fall back
5 x Sweeping Advance/Fall back

5 x Single sided- Response move

Note on Disorder 1 and 2-

As the rules require disorder to apply for one full move we use Disorder 2 if you are disordered in your own turn and Disorder 1 if in your opponents turn. At the end of your turn Disorder 2 would be changed to disorder 1 (ensuring you will be disordered for your next full move) and disorder 1 would be removed.

If you use any other markers these can be provided.
Suitable for AWI, ACW, Old West, Napoleonic and many other periods. 

       Post and packing £1.00 in the UK and £3.50 International.

Available on the website from 16/11/2016-

Monday, 7 November 2016

New 28mm Normandy prepainted kits

Our next batch of prepainted kits will soon be availabe.

These include our first cottages for the range- 

All will be available as individual kits but also as a set of 5 with discount for purchasing the set. 

The large building to the left is a pair of shops.

These will be in stock by the end of the week.