Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Additions to the 28mm castles and forts range

Forge. This sits on the inside of any straight section of the curtain wall.

Siege tower designed to fit against our standard walls.

Battering rams

Left to right- timber flying walkway. stone arch raised walkway and stone flying walkway. These are designed to fit between our keep and a standard wall section. The flying walkways come with corbels to support the 2 ends at the keep and wall sections.

Timber walkway shown in place between the keep and wall.


Stone walkway.

These can be found in our castles and forts range here-28mm Castles and forts

15mm Timber frame building kits rereleased.

After being unavailable for some time  we are rereleasing our 15mm timber frame range. The first three are on the website now and the remaining ones will be available by the weekend.

Town Hall

Piered houses

Town houses

These can be found here-