Monday, 25 November 2019

ACW British intervention game.

We had 2 large games at the club last Saturday. I played the Ancients game so this is pictures only. This is the game the club is putting on at the Battleground show in Stockton on Saturday. If anyone is going feel free to drop in for a look.




  1. Thanks for these amazing pictures. I am slowly working on a bunch of Perry BIF figures so you are certainly giving me some ideas here. Are your British figures Perry Bros? Also curious about what you do for flags - Crimean War? And how do you rate the British vice the Union? I know, questions, questions.

    1. Hi Michael, yes the figures are mainly Perry with some Foundry. The Flags i believe are Crimean War/Indian Mutiny.
      As far as rating the British v Union, well the British have not been on the losing side yet! British generals are rated quite low. Troops are generally rated as Line, Veteran and Guard. They also get superior volley (GdA).

      You can find more in depth reports and stats on the Club Facebook paige-

    2. Thanks Mick. Your group's FB page has some mouth-watering photos and will give me tons of inspiration. Thanks so much for kindly answering my questions.

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