Monday, 30 October 2017

Mortem et Gloriam Crusades game

These are a new set of rules for me so it was nice to get the Crusades armies out to give them a try out. It's a card driven game and the type of card determines how much you can do with your actions.
One nice touch is that in the first round of a charge after the combat, if both sides are still in contact they fight again in the normal combat phase. This makes for very quick games.

Basically when a unit gets to just under half strength they will break.

The coloured cards are the unit stats.

The cavalry clash on the left

The Templars position themselves for a charge.

Crusader cavalry prepare to charge the camels.

The little markers denote casualties, 2 and 
you lose a base.

The sergeants are taking a beating.

Cavalry clashes on either wing are brutal.

The Templars not much better.

The Tenplars and sergeants battle the Saracens

The Templars are unexpectedly routed

joining the sergeants who have fled already

The arab cavalry after defeating the mounted sergeants crash into the infantry

It was clear that the game was up for the Crusaders , a comprehensive win for the Saracens in under 2 hours.

A bit of a brief report this but it was quite a brief battle!



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