Sunday, 23 July 2017

shacks and mining supplies

More Old West additions

First up is a row of shacks which can be homes for the seedy end of town. They could also be used as a row of small shops. Just paint on some names and the job is done.

This is the first of a few models we will do without the false front. Buildings like this were very common in Western towns so will add to the realism of your model towns.

As usual the roof comes off and the model has a front and back room with a counter.
As usual it is supplied with pre painted parts and colour instructions.

This will sell for £19'95-




  1. In Colorado those shacks would be referred to as a Row Houses and were typically used by the miners or in the Red Light district. Very nice addition to any western town.

    1. Hi Kris, interesting information there. I had in mind mining towns for these also. Red light district i hadn't thought of, i'll have to do a Bordello next!