Saturday, 29 July 2017

ROMANS V SLAVES, Spartacus takes on Rome.

Starting positions with Romans at the top and the slave army defending the hill.
The Romans have two legions of 5 bases each while the slave army consists of 3 stands of trained slaves a unit of light infantry archers, 5 bases of untrained warbands and 4 small units of skirmishers. In addition a division of two medium cavalry regiments were positioned on the left flank.

A view from the hill

The Romans advance.

The Romans advance towards the hill mindful of the cavalry on their right flank.

The Romans charged the small skirmisher units who failed to evade in time and were dispersed

They hit the first trained slave band but were pushed back together with their supports.

Having failed to take advantage of their success the trained slave unit stayed put on the hill leaving the Romans free to try again next move this time with 2 supports. 

This tactic proved correct when the Roman attack failed and one cohort was destroyed.

Meanwhile the other legion was busy attacking the division made up of untrained slaves. Again the skirmishers failed to evade and were dispersed. 3 Roman units crashed into their opponents...

with varying degrees of success.

Undeterred they came back for more.

Back on the hill.

On the left flank the cavalry embark on a long sweep around the Roman right flank.

A few close up pics.

Casualties are mounting on the Division of untrained slaves and 2 units are disordered, represented by the small black die.

The Romans react to the flanking movement by the cavalry.

Back on the hill neither side seems keen to get stuck in, particularly galling for the slaves commander who can see things starting to go pear shaped over on the right.

The cavalry begin to turn the Roman flank.

On the other flank the Romans prepare to deliver the decisive blow on their weary opponents.

A view of the hill from the Roman lines.

Casualties are high

Still no action here.

With two of their units preoccupied with the cavalry another assault is launched up the hill.

On the right the Romans destroy a unit of slaves creating a gap in the line.

A decisive moment on the right as the Romans mass for another assault on the retreating division which is now broken.

Back on the hill a Roman assault pushes back a unit of trained slaves behind the archers,

With time running out and things going badly elsewhere, the slave cavalry abandon their wide flanking movement and decide to charge their opponents. As a result of closing fire the top unit failed a break test and dispersed.
As the writing was on the wall for Spartacus the game was declared a Roman victory. The slave army having too many exhausted  or broken units for them to retrieve the situation. 

We will replay this game next week as someone who wanted to participate had to miss the game through illness.

Thanks for looking.


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