Monday, 26 March 2018

28mm monastery buildings

New prepainted 28mm Spanish kits,

Therse models show the completed kits as they are built straight out of the bag. A quick dry brush would provide the finishing touch to these.

These are the first building from the Monastery/Convent set which will be comopleted by the weekend or early next week. Some of rhese can be used as stamd alone Spanish models so i will sell them separately also. Tis means that the set can be built up over time to spread the cost.

This is the living quarters or block of houses as a stand alone model with side stairs to the upper floor. Luxury was'nt something Monks or Nuns went in for so pretty basic building!

Size-29cm x 9.5cm x 13cm

The roof comes off giving access to a removeable inner floor.

Many Monasteries and convents would have a library for study and writing. This building has similar elaborate windows to the church building which will be ready in the next few days. Again the roof comes off to give access to a removable floor.

Size- 15cm x 8cm x 13cm

These will be on the 28mm Spanish page later this vvening.



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