Sunday, 30 April 2017

28mm Old West Grand Hotel

Our first 2 storey kit features the Grand Hotel. 

A good view of the double side staircase

The front of the model clearly showing the benefit of giving light coloured parts a quick wipe with a damp cloth to remove some of the burning effects of the laser. A weathered look is obtained by leaving them as they are of course.

Another view of the side stairs.

Figures are on 1p coins

This upper floor lifts out. The model also has an internal staircase.

        18cm x 30cms x 21cms

Mick and Carl


  1. Great looking building, which I'll need to add to my town. One nit to pick, and it is something I can do when it arrives, but I think all of the wooden buildings by all of the companies suffer from the same shortcoming. If you look at the side walls, for example, every board runs the length of the building. I'm pretty certain that buildings back then only had shorter boards available. Easy enough to make scribe lines to change the appearance, but thought it a comment worth making. The other, (personal preference by owner) is it is too "pretty" for an old west town and needs some "dirtying up" like folks do weathering their model RR buildings.

    But a splendid structure that needs to be in Fletcher's Crossing (my old west town).

    1. Yes you are correct, i'll put some in. I'm with you on the dirty looking buildings but when i suggested dry brushing them after taking them to the club to gauge opinions the idea was unanimously vetoed! I have a darker stain i can use on the wood but they didn't like that either!

      I may cut one in darker stain and gauge some opinions about that as an alternative. I should get that done Monday or Tuesday and do a post here.

      Appreciate any constructive comments so please don't hesitate to make suggestions in future.