Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Arab Fort

 A work in progress shot of an Arab fort also a commission for Italian gamer Antonio.

The tower is fitted first then the wall supports are added. The inner walls are then fitted to these.

This update shows the model with the walls added and the internal buildings located. The client also asked for the fort to be located on rock so it has been mounted on insulation board hacked at the edges with a chisel. The model was then given a first coat of plaster.

More details added with doors and roofs in place. Also some rock scatter added on top of more plaster to the rock base.

A ramp has been sanded leading up to the gate.

 The finished fort. Its not quite as light as this in reality. The fort was whitewashed but the base wasn't and is darker than the fort as a result. Shown with some 28mm Artisan French Foreign Legion figures.

The guard shelter roof is simply teddy bear fur trimmed to size and stiffened with wood glue.

Due to the high cost of shipping this to Italy along with his 3 villa models Antonio elected to have one of these in kit form and the who;e lot were shipped today.

I've decided to keep this for use with my son Carls French Foreign Legion figures. Just need to get some Arabs for them to fight now.

Thanks for looking


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