Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Second Schleswig War

The BBC are running a Danish TV drama series set during this war between the Danes and the German Federation. Judging by some of the scene shots on the series home page there will be some authentic looking action that may be of interest to wargamers. Link There is a 5 minute preview on this page which includes some good looking action scenes (not the bedroom type of which i'm sure there will be some!) and a brief section with toy soldiers! This does not include the English subtitles. 

 Its not the most popular war for wargaming but i'm hoping to get some inspiration for a new Northern European range of buildings. I need some buildings for my own games using my Russian and Austrian Napoleonic armies and will be marketing them in both ready made and  prepainted kit options.

I have a couple of timber frame designs on the workbench and hope to get some ideas from the show to add some variety to the range. 

Apparently Danish drama has a bit of a cult following in the UK, a fact of which i was totally unaware. Anyone interested in checking the series out its on BBC4 and starts this Saturday an 9pm. 

When my photographer returns from a brief spa break in Villamoura i will post some work in progress pictures of the models i have started to make for the range


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