Saturday, 18 March 2017

15mm Normandy pre painted kits

The first 11 models in our new 15mm Normandy range are now available. As churches are a prominent feature in most European towns and villages we have include one in the first release.

Models show for scale are from Flames of War.

All roofs come off and the houses have removable floors giving access to the ground floors.


  1. Where can I buy these? What would shipping to the US be for a set?

    1. Hi EC, a full set would weigh about 750g so shipping to the US would be £10.40


    2. I can send a paypal invoice with correct shipping as the website has UK shipping. Let me know which you would like. If you want them all i might manage a discount!!!

    3. So how much for one church and two of each of the houses?

      By any chance do you have a 4Ground building for comparison? I want to add these to my town....

  2. Just found your shop page. Looks like you make some nice 6mm stuff too.....